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Bill Shaw's Exclusive Martial Art, known as Han Foo Wa, was inspired by the finest elements and key principles of the World's Best Martial Arts, including: Jeet Kune Do, 4 styles of Ju-Jitsu, Wing Chun, Judo, Kenpo, Karate, Boxing, Wrestling, Kali & Escrima, 3 styles of Kung-Fu, Fencing (all 3 weapons), Kajukenbo, Mauy Thai, Taekwondo, Pentjak Silat, Aikido, Silambam, Military & Police Tactics, and good old Street Fighting Tricks..

In addition to these influences are, over 4 decades of mutual sharing of Key "Seldom Taught" Advantages with other Top Instructors! Not to mention Bill Shaw's own Unique Innovations, and the mental training developments of Neuro-Dynamics!

Naturally, this created one heck of a resource to be drawing from as HanFooWa continues to evolve and improve. This ability to grow to meet today's ever changing needs as related to Self-Defense is one of Han Foo Wa's greatest advantages.

The fact is that advanced martial arts training and street defense secrets aren't just more "new" moves to memorize. What really counts most, are the Guarded Fighting Advantages. Some are a completely new approach - while others are sometimes so slight and subtle - that few will ever even notice them! But these slight subtelties are often the difference between just doing a move in practice with a cooperative partner, and the ability to make it work for real, in the street, where it really matters.

The Simple Truth Is that the most powerful Martial Arts Training secrets don't lie in practicing more & more new techniques or fancy gymnastic type moves - or even body building gladiator conditioning. Those all have their place, of course. However, the Most Powerful Secrets are Hidden in the key positions, proper structures, deceptive timing, cunning strategies, correct energies, covert tactics, arcane subtleties, conquering confidence, and advanced CREATIVE mindsets! You know, the True Martial Arts Refinements that empower everything else! ... and that almost no one teaches.

These are the prime elements missing from most martial arts training, and they're the most important! They're the ACTIVE INGREDIENTS, if you will. And probably the keys to everything that has eluded you thus far... It's the things you have yet to learn. The dimension of Martial Arts Training that very few Instructors understand well enough to teach properly.

"One of the Best Martial

Remember now, Bill Shaw has been offering this Through his art of HanFooWa for more than 20 years BEFORE the Mixed Martial Arts training craze became so popular. You see, back then, mixing or changing the martial arts was very frowned upon - no matter how good your fighting and street defense was. So being a maverick, and bucking the Martial Arts establishment, took some real courage. True, he wan't the first one, or the only one. But trust me, there sure weren't very many, at least not in the beginning.

Back then, the martial arts establishment was very traditional and pretty bullheaded (to put it mildly). They didn't really accept much of anything "different" than what they had always been doing. So, if Mr. Shaw's work was going to be accepted... He had to prove it! - Which he did! - Every step of the way! As a result, just in the natural course of things, he soon ended up with a number of very impressive achievements and top acknowledgements! (Some of Which Are Listed Above).

Okay, so here it is - plain and simple. "Bill Shaw has learned the hidden, and hard to discover - key elements of martial arts training!" The True Realities! The ones that actually empower everything you do!" Like those things that you really want to be clear about, when you're the victim of a brutal street attack! When your life depends on what you know, how well you know it, AND how well you can do what you know.

Confidence with Bill Shaw: Considering his many Prime Credentials, Outstanding Achievements, Legendary Endorsements, and Top Black Belt Recommendations - you can rest assured that you are getting only the very best martial arts training in applied fighting tactics, and combative strategies. Which, after all, is what you really want anyway. Right?

"The Key, Is Knowing and

Now, If You're an Experienced Martial Artist but new to Bill Shaw and his Training - Let Me Warn You! Not only is he going to teach you things you had no idea about, but he's also going to teach you stuff you "thought" you already knew - but maybe didn't! He can help you correct errors, and improve your techniques well beyond your former expectations.

The old Chinese proverb states that, "A Single Technique, Well Mastered - is Worth a Thousand Partially Learned." Here's a BIG HINT: Just being able to do and use a technique (even pretty well) is not the full measure of it being Mastered.

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"Bill Shaw Teaches What Others
"Bill Shaw Teaches What Others
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