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"Bill Shaw Teaches What Others
"Bill Shaw Teaches What Others
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NW Vancouver, WA

10 Things That Set Us

Apart From the Rest

1- Get a FREE Private Lesson With BILL SHAW. Find out if what we teach, is what you want. CALL TODAY to make your appointment, while openings last.

2- Our Guiding Mission: To Provide Serious "World Class" Instruction in a Fun & Friendly Atmosphere. For you to Learn MORE in LESS Time and stick with it until you're good enough to have an unfair advantage! Even over the millions of other martial artists out there.

3- We Specialize in "Extra Advantages" and "Enhanced" Defense & Fighting Skills. In today's violent world, when the stakes are for real, you want to have stuff that Works for Real!

4- Instruction You Can Trust. It's True, "The Better the Instructor, the Better the Student." With his world wide recognition, achievements, awards, & championships, Bill Shaw has long been at a level that very few instructors will ever reach.

5- Progress at Your Own Rate. From the most unskilled beginner to those with years of previous experience, our individualized approach allows you to take your time - or progress at your fastest rate possible. As long as you get it right!

6- Previous Experience Is Always Welcome. If you haven't trained in a while, we'll expand your fighting abilities and increase your martial knowledge.

7- We Care About YOU. Join us, and you'll be among friends. Your progress, and class enjoyment, is our personal measure of success.

8- We Will Be Completely Honest With You. We will always give you our best assessment. We won't mislead you to get you to join, or ever give you a rank you haven't earned.

9- We Want You to Be Fully Informed About Us & What We Teach. So check out this site, and Call 360-576-5184 to schedule your Free Lesson - where you can ask all the questions you want.

10- If You Truly Want a Real Advantage Against the Unthinkable Threat of Today's Violence, then Call Now to claim your spot in class. It could turn out to be, "The Smartest Thing You Ever Did!"

Call (360) 576-5184 NOW!

(if no answer, please leave message)

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